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Zafra and the Candle

José López Del Pino

Sonriente and the mystery of a lost child. Crisanta's research coincides with an inner and soul evolution of our protagonist. A trail of fascinating characters and their stories will feed the inexhaustible desire to know about the bizarre Sonriente.

Sonriente is a deep and lonely man, of unique aspect and extravagant habits. He decides to help his neighbour find her daughter Crisanta, who has disappeared.

Together with Monaco “the monk”, his spiritual guide, and thanks to encounters with characters from the world over – each committed to his personal search –, every stop along Sonriente’s journey soon becomes a trip into the universe and an immersion in its interior to discover the meaning of bliss and pain, of relationships among human beings and the joy of life.

Granada, its patios and scenic streets, become the scenery for a symbolic and surreal adventure where men and things find life and significance so as to be deciphered. Wrapped in a colourful and rich language that moves from poetry to theatrical, magic and spiritual, the reader remains suspended between earth and sky, in an enchanted world.

Translated by Andrew Leone

SERIES: InOgniDove
GENRE: Surreal, Inner Journey, Theatrical
ISBN: 978-960-647-129-2
YEAR: 2020, 11th December
Italian version
Spanish version
Ebook PRICE: € 3,99
Paper book PRICE: € 10,60
PAGES: 170

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The Author

He was born in Almería in 1986. He currently lives between Sicily and Andalusia carrying out his activity as an international trade technician. His profession and his vast interests have led him to know many countries (Portugal, France, England, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Morocco). The most significant experiences he lived inside and outside his homeland, often become a source of inspiration for his two great passions: music and writing. Both are characterized by a strong poetic vocation, a surrealist touch and a taste for contamination between genres.

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