Nadia tiene treinta años un trabajo exigente, pero que a ella le gusta, una familia que la ama y un problema: está enamorada de su jefe desde el primer momento que lo vio y que respiró su perfume.

A Mother

In how many ways can you die? To what extent can pain change you?

Lucia, a strong yet fragile woman, lives in a world of sweets and tasty dishes. To this world, and to the fear of her motherhood

One little girl
From Italy to Canada

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a star? Of course you have, every teenager has. But what if you were born in some very small Italian city and wanted to escape? This is the story of ‘Her’, a female character...

English Version

Kaily Jefferson, 22 years old, after the death of both her parents, finds shelter in her paternal grandparents’ home. There she has a simple and boring life trying to survive that dreadful loss that made her heart averse to real feelings. 

CoverPachaqutek spagnolo.jpg
Pachakuteq y el viejo escritor

Alessandro Scalzi es un anciano escritor italiano que se mudó a Perú para estudiar sus tradiciones, costumbres y tradiciones, y describir a su gente. Enamorado de la cultura andina, se propone aplicar algunas ideas. El choque...

English Version

t’s 2054. Earth is suffering more than ever. Blood is just everywhere. This time humans have nothing to do with that, though. After the fall of Luxifer, a meteorite that is now in the Atlantic Ocean, the New Comers have invaded Earth.

Zafra y la Candela

Sonriente, hombre solitario y profundo de aspecto original y de hábitos extravagantes, decide ayudar a una vecina a encontrar la hija desaparecida, Crisanta. En compañía de Mónaco, su guía espiritual, ...

Galán Galón
Fragmentos de existencias

Destellos de vidas diferentes, entre realidad y fantasía, pasado y presente, vida y muerte, pueblan este libro en once episodios, ambientados en lugares inventados o existentes...

Zafra and the Candle

Sonriente is a deep and lonely man, of unique aspect and extravagant habits. He decides to help his neighbour find her daughter Crisanta, who has disappeared.

Together with Monaco “the monk”, his spiritual guide,