París, amor y otros desastres

ISBN: 978-88-98769-55-1


Nadia tiene treinta años un trabajo exigente, pero que a ella le gusta, una familia que la ama y un problema: está enamorada de su jefe desde el primer momento que lo vio y que respiró su perfume.

A Mother

ISBN: 978-88-99603-23-6


In how many ways can you die? To what extent can pain change you?

Lucia, a strong yet fragile woman, lives in a world of sweets and tasty dishes. To this world, and to the fear of her motherhood, she has given everything, sacrificing her life...

Zafra y la Candela

ISBN: 978-88-99603-71-7


Sonriente, hombre solitario y profundo de aspecto original y de hábitos extravagantes, decide ayudar a una vecina a encontrar la hija desaparecida, Crisanta. En compañía de Mónaco, su guía espiritual, y gracias al encuentro con personajes...

Sunrise (English Version)

ISBN: 978-618-83015-4-2


Kaily Jefferson, 22 years old, after the death of both her parents, finds shelter in her paternal grandparents’ home. There she has a simple and boring life trying to survive that dreadful loss that made her heart averse to real feelings.

Entombed (English Version)

ISBN: 978-618-83015-5-9


It’s 2054. Earth is suffering more than ever. Blood is just everywhere. This time humans have nothing to do with that, though. After the fall of Luxifer, a meteorite that is now in the Atlantic Ocean, the New Comers have invaded Earth.


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